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Material Properties

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Material Properties  
General materials data
Metals & Alloys
Data on typical metals and alloys
Specialty Wire Alloys
Resistance, heating, thermocouple, Nitinol and other alloys for specialty wire
Physical and chemical properties of plastics
Glass & Ceramics
Wood; cryogenic, building and advanced materials

The Links Follow

General Data
Application-oriented technical data and news on metals, ceramics, polymers & composites.
Standards and testing (most detailed information requires payment).
The Engineering Tool Box
Data and links for a wide range of materials and properties.
Engineers Edge
Many engineering resources, including materials properties.
"The Online Materials Information Resource;" a free database of 26,500+ metals, plastics, ceramics and composites.
Materials Science and Engineering
Links from the MIT libraries to many materials science resources.
Electrical and Acoustic Properties
Resources for non-destructive testing (NDT).
NIST: Materials Properties
National Institute of Standards and Technology provides a lot of data, much of it online and free.
Thermal Connection
The extensive data and links in the "thermal data" section provides emphasizes thermal parameters.
Data and Property Calculation Sites
Huge collection of links to thermodynamic & mechanical data and property calculation sites.
Metals & Alloys  
About: Metals
Resources for metal properties data.
Composition and properties of alloys
This site "presents the composition and physical properties of many common alloys;" historical names are often included.
Silver solders
Composition, properties and discussion of silver solders.
Precious metal properties
Engelhard-Clal: detailed properties of ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, silver, osmium, iridium, platinum and gold.
Fusible (Low Temp) Alloys
Bismuth alloys: properties, applications and growth/shrinkage when cast.
Indium Corp. of America
Indium properties, incl. solders and compounds.
Principal Metals
Information on about 5000 metals and alloys.
Shape Memory Alloys
A paper reviewing shape memory alloys.
Composition and properties of several Ni-Ti alloys.
Specialty Wire Alloys  
California Fine Wire
Resistance, spring, thermocouple and glass-sealing wire; and metals and alloys based on copper, precious metals, nickel and refractory metals.
Carpenter Technology
Data on steel, magnetic, resistance, heating, thermocouple & glass-sealing alloys data.
EMF vs. temperature for several thermocouple types.
MWS Wire Industries
Data on magnet, Litz, specialty, precious-metal, resistance and mechanical wire.
Pelican Wire Co.
Data and design for heating, resistance and thermocouple wire; a downloadable Windows application covers Harrison Alloys.
WireTronic, Inc.
Heating, resistance, precious, magnet, Litz and other wire data, with a downloadable Windows application to calculate wire properties.
Wire World
A large, categorized list of wire suppliers.
About: Composites/Plastics
Resources for material properties data on composites, plastics and other materials.
Industrial plastics
Plastics properties from Aetna Plastics Corporation: engineering, high-performance, fluoropolymer, corrosion-resistant, etc.
Material Selection Guide
Datasheets on hundreds of plastics by tradename and type (Boedeker Plastics).
Properties of resins
Chemical structure and properties of plastics in the context of use in labware (Nalge Nunc Intl.).
Chemical resistance of plastics
Chemical resistance of plastics to chemicals and classes of chemicals (Nalge Nunc Intl.).
Plastic properties
Properties for a few plastics and useful links in the Reference Center (Niagara Plastics).
Mechanical, chemical and physical properties of some major polymers.
Mechanical Properties
A tutorial on mechanical properties of polymers.
Upchurch Scientific
Mechanical properties and chemical compatibility of some plastics relevant to fluid transfer.
Wheaton Science Products
Gas permeability, chemical resistance, biological properties and sterilization of plastics.
Glass & Ceramics  
Ceramic Properties Databases
List of ceramic property databases - free, fee-based and hardcopy (The American Ceramic Society).
Carpenter Technology
Advanced ceramic properties (alumina, zirconia) .
Properties of Coors' alumina-, zirconia- and carbide-based ceramics.
Glass, quartz, ceramics
Mechanical, thermal and electrical properties of some ceramics and glasses.
NIST glass and ceramic data
Property data summaries for advanced materials.
Glass property calculation
Online applets to estimate glass properties and design glass composition.
Schott Glass
Schott optical glasses: detailed properties (.pdf format).
Properties of some braze alloys, selected metals and advanced ceramics.
Common woods
Density, modulus of rupture and modulus of elasticity for dozens of common woods.
Building materials - thermal.
"Heat Transmission Properties of Insulating and Building Materials" (NIST).
Cryogenic properties
Material properties from the NIST Cryogenic Technologies Group.

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