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Science Education

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Kids' Stuff
Sites directed especially at kids
Experiment, activities, labs and classroom curricula
Science Fairs
Science fair information, ideas and suggestions
Some museums focusing on kids, science and hands-on learning, many with on-line info, links and activities
General Info
Sites with general science education information
Science education standards and assessment
Groups focussing on science education
Resources for homeschoolers and unschoolers

The Links Follow

Kids' Stuff  
Beakman and Jax
Jok Church's site - demos, answers and an interface to view human body sections.
Bill Nye
Printable home science demos on planetary, physical and life science; requires Flash plug-in. Also questions of the week, E-cards, a guide to the TV episodes, etc.
Animation clips on health, science, technology and for kids; the clips require the Flash plug-in.
Flowers and Plants
The Calif. Native Plant Society has a nice discussion about flowers - their purpose, structure, etc.
"Yuckiest Site on the Internet!"
Everything that you (didn't) want to know about worms, roaches and bodily functions... not for the squeamish.
Science Snacks
Miniature versions of some Exploratorium exhibits; don't miss the "snack supplies" listing parts sources.
Fact Monster Science
An on-line science encyclopedia, dictionary and almanac; LOTS of information.
The Flying Turtle
Science and technology exploration: relationships between how things work in nature and in technology.
Games and quizes, aimed at K-8 kids and teachers.
Funology - The Science of Having Fun!
Home experiments, crafts, optical illusions, jokes and games.
The Science Club
Science projects, science fair ideas, lots of links.
How science, technology and your body work.
Space for kids - NASA Kids
Lots of earth and space information, with puzzles, games, coloring pages, virtual postcards and more.
Science Bob
Experiments, science fair resources, questions, etc.
The Green Frog News
A nice, downloadable newsletter on science and the environment (several megabytes in .pdf format - tedious over a slow modem).
Butterflies: On The Wings Of Freedom
LOTS of butterfly information, including how to raise them in the classroom and a section for kids.
Ask Dr. Universe
Ask the folks at Washington State University.
Color and light demonstrations
Nice demonstrations from the American Chemical Society and the folks at Discovery World (Milwaukee).
Fun Science for Kids
Science and technology links from a national lab.
Science sites for kids
Science links from Invention Dimension.
Acres of Insects
Lessons on insect populations and ecology for grades 9-12; (Center for Insect Science Education Outreach).
Using Live Insects in Elementary Classrooms
20 printable lessons using live insects to introduce K-3 health topics (Center for Insect Science Education Outreach).
"Unmoderated e-mail list for discussion of issues and information related to college biology laboratory teaching."
Hands-On Technology Program
Science experiments and hands-on activities for K-8.
Exploring Planets in the Classroom
Hands-on science activities exploring the solar system, planetary properties, craters, gravity and more.
Homework and math help; science fair project ideas.
SMILE Program
About 200 biology lessons on anatomy & physiology; zoology; botany; microbiology; genetics; environmental studies & ecology; biochemistry; general biology; misc.
Collaborative K-12 science projects
Classes from around the world collaborate on projects.
High school molecular biology labs
High school DNA, electrophoresis, etc. labs (Scio Corp.)
Center for Educational Resources (CERES)
Astronomy for K-12: educational activities and Internet courses.
NASA Glenn Educational Activities
On-line educational programs, mostly focussed on aeronautics and spaceflight.
Science Playwiths
Explorations in microscopy, nature and espionage, with a large section on science fair projects.
Nice material and links for earth, space, life and physical sciences, and technology.
Science Netlinks
Lessons, resources and benchmarks for K-12 educators.
Science Training Programs
A catalog of more than 300 science training programs for pre-college students and teachers.
TOPScience Online
Simple science on a shoestring.
Remote-control electron microscopy of bugs for K-12 classrooms, with some nice, archived photos.
Journal of Chemical Education Online
On-line journal, forums, some chemistry animations.
BioChemLinks: Teaching Science
Links on teaching science.
Eisenhower National Clearinghouse
Catalog of mathematics and science curriculum resources for K-12.
CIESE - Educational Links
Links to lesson plans and other instructional resources.
CIESE - Real-Time Data Sites
Links to real-time data sites.
Science lesson plan library
Links to lesson plans from McREL.
The WHYY Science Initiative
ScienceStuff website search for science websites by keyword, type and grade level.
Gateway to Educational Materials (GEM)
Catalog of educational materials on the Internet.
Yahoo! Science > Education > K-12
Science-related links for almost everything.
Science Education Resources
Several huge lists of resources on the web.
Science Fairs  
Science Fairs
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library's semi-comprehensive list of all science fairs that are accessible via the Web.
Young Scientist Challenge
The Discovery Channel's science contest for students in grades 5-8; a $15,000 scholarship for the top prize.
Intel Science Talent Search
Almost 2000 students compete each year for a $100,000 scholarship.
Internet Science and Technology Fair
The ISTF is an annual competition, aimed at improving pre-college science and technology education.
ScienzFair Project Ideas
Nicely cataloged project ideas and references. Check out the Fun Things to Make and Do links.
Science Fair Central's science fair how-to guide for students, teachers and parents; much of the material is adapted from Janice VanCleave's books.
Science Fair Idea Exchange
A place to get, or give, science fair project ideas. There are also links to other sites.
Science Fair Project Resource Guide
The Internet Public Library provides well-organized links that explain everything from the scientific method to tips and tricks on preparing the report.
Idea Generation
Approaches to generate a creative science fair idea.
Science Fair Projects
Lots of suggestions, also available as a 22-page .pdf file.
"The Ultimate Science Fair Resource"
Science fair articles, ideas and references.
Science fair tips, links and supplies.
The Georgia Science & Engineering Fair
Project ideas and techniques - and many topics.
Agricultural Ideas for Science Fair Projects
Project ideas in botany; zoology; medicine and health; environmental science.
VPS Science Fair
A how-to guide; many project ideas and references.
Association of Science-Technology Centers
The ASTC is an organization of 550+ science museums, with information about, and for, them.
Association of Children's Museums (ACM)
215 children's museums around the world, plus another 100 in the start-up phase.
Science Museums
The Science Hobbyist's science museum section: a list, plus links to lists, discussions and resources.
Lawrence Hall of Science [Berkeley, CA]
Besides being a museum, LHS is a leader in curriculum development, e.g., FOSS and GEMS.
UC Museum of Paleontology [Berkeley, CA]
Their website is almost a course in paleontology!
Monterey Bay Aquarium
Excellent exhibits, focusing on northern California coastal ecosystems, plus lots of on-line information.
Exploratorium [San Francisco, CA]
A leader in hands-on science; 650 exhibits, 110,000 sq. ft.
Children's Discovery Museum [San Jose, CA]
Slick website with MSIE 6, but crashes Netscape 6.2.2.
National Museum of Natural History [Washington, DC]
The Smithsonian! Lots of good science on the website for those of us not near Washington.
Marine Education Center and Aquarium [Savanah, GA]
A public saltwater aquarium, with educational programs for pre-K through college-age students.
Field Museum [Chicago, IL]
Huge, rather traditional museum with displays focussing on natural history and anthropology.
Museum of Science and Industry [Chicago, IL]
With everything from genetics to a WWII submarine, one day is not enough; get a head start with their on-line virtual tours online.
Discovery Center Museum [Rockford, IL]
A very kid-friendly museum, with a large outdoor area.
Children's Museum [Indianapolis, IN]
Award-winning children's museum with a cool website.
Children's Museum [Boston, MA]
Another good kids' museum.
Port Discovery [Baltimore, MD]
Another good kids' museum.
Science Museum of Minnesota [St. Paul, MN]
Anthropology, biology, paleontology, even identify and trade found objects. Their 600-acre nature center is 30 miles N.E. of St. Paul.
Minnesota Children's Museum [St. Paul, MN]
For kids 6 months - 10 years (and their adult guests).
Lincoln Children's Museum [Lincoln, NE]
An acre of hands-on exhibits, spread over three floors. Try an on-line, panoramic tour.
Liberty Science Center [Jersey City, NJ]
Nice electronic field trips and on-line information.
Brooklyn Children's Museum [Brooklyn, NY]
Another highly regarded children's museum.
Strong Museum [Rochester, NY]
Described as "the nation's leading hands-on history center for families and children."
Great Lakes Science Center [Cleveland, OH]
Hands-on learning, emphasizing the "interdependence of scientific, environmental and technological activities in the Great Lakes region."
COSI [Columbus, OH]
"...a better understanding of science, industry, health, and history through involvement in exhibits, demonstrations, and a variety of educational activities and experiences."
COSI [Toledo, OH]
Hands-on science, learning and fun.
Franklin Institute Science Museum [Philadelphia, PA]
One of the oldest and best, with a great website.
Creative Discovery Museum [Chattanooga, TN]
Children's Museum of Houston [Houston, TX]
Fourteen galleries of hands-on fun.
Texas State Aquarium [Corpus Chrisi, TX]
Emphasizing the Gulf of Mexico; check out the website.
Shenandoah Valley Discovery Museum [Winchester, VA]
An interactive museum...take their on-line tour.
Discovery World Museum [Milwaukee, WI]
Lots of good, hands-on science and technology; next to the Milwaukee Public Museum.
Milwaukee Public Museum [Milwaukee, WI]
Natural and human history, from dinosaur bones to live butterflies, from the Egyptians to Old Milwaukee.
General info  
Science Education at BNL
Uuseful information and links - Brookhaven National Laboratory.
Sci+MaTe=Science Math Technology
Some nice education, science and math links, including a "Teacher's Survival Guide."
Science Teacher Stuff
Lots and lots of useful links on science and science education, compiled by a teacher.
K-12 education research and resources, with on-line research briefs, articles and newletters as .pdf files.
Journal of Chemical Education Online
Online copy of journal, plus forums, chemistry software and more.
Science Education Resources
Another large collection of science education links, with an emphasis on physics.
Awesome Library - Standards
Links to standards information.
National Science Education Standards
National Science Education Standards, Nat'l Academy Press (1995) - available online.
Curriculum Standards
Links to state science, math and technology standards from Sci+MATE=.
Performance Assessment Links in Science
PALS: an on-line resource bank of science performance assessment tasks indexed via the National Science Education Standards (NSES) and other standards.
Association for Astronomy Education
American Association of Physics Teachers
International Technology Education Association
National Marine Educators Association
National Association of Biology Teachers
National Association of Geoscience Teachers
National Academies
"Advisors to the Nation on Science, Engineering and Medicine."
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
National Earth Science Teachers Association
National Science Teachers Association; see their Chapters & Associated Groups list.
National PTA
National Par
Division of Chemical Education
A division of the American Chemical Society.

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