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Do It Yourself  
Amateur Science
Science for the hobbyist
Inventors' Corner
Resources for the inventor
Surplus & Salvage
Science/technology surplus, salvage, bargains
Mechanical components, fluid control, etc.
Electrical/electronic information and sources
Misc. sensors, etc.
High-Tech Hobbyist
Robotics, microprocessors, etc.
Motion Control
Driving motors, solenoids, etc.
Vintage Electronics
Parts and information from the pre-IC era
Heat & Temperature
Electric heating; temperature measurement
High Voltage & Vacuum
High-voltage and vacuum information and supplies
Specialized and/or surplus tools
Safety information -- MSDS's, etc.

The Links Follow

Amateur Science  
Science Hobbyist
Bill Beaty's science: amateur, cool, weird and other.
Amateur Radiation
Radiation detection and experimentation - Geiger counters, etc.
LOMO discusses using scanners as a camera and microscope.
Amateur science electronics
Amateur science experiments, high voltage and GPS; several ways to kill yourself here.
Amateur seismometer
Fred Bruenjes' homemade seismometer - with data.
Inventors' Corner  
Master Resource List
Resources on patents, legal issues, start-up capital and other things of interest to inventors.
Invention Dimension
Resources for, about, and related to, invention.
Resources for inventors
Lemelson Center's resources for inventors and on the history of invention.
Surplus & Salvage  
All Electronics Corp.
Electronic and electro-mechanical parts and supplies.
Electronic components and equipment. MSIE ONLY!!! (Netscape hangs for me.)
Surplus sources
Bill Beaty's info on "Surplus Parts and Equipment for Amateur Scientists;" links to suppliers for electronics, optics, surplus, science and science education.
DRC Distributors
Tools, abrasives, etc.- surplus, closeouts, liquidations.
Electronic Goldmine
Electronics, robotics, hardware, test equipment.
Marlin P. Jones & Assoc.
Electrical, electronics, optics, hardware and more.
Mark Hannah Surplus Electronics
Electronics, fans, tools, etc.
Sam's Gadget FAQ
"Salvaging Interesting Gadgets, Components, & Subsystems." Follow the cautions: some of these gadgets can kill you.
Sterling Resale Optics
Lenses, mirrors, filters, etc.
Surplus Sales of Nebraska
Electronics & electrical items, incl. vintage electronics and parts.
McMaster-Carr Supply Co.
A good start on building a factory: 390,000+ items of hardware, plumbing, materials, instrumentation...
Small Parts, Inc.
Specializing in small-to-mid scale parts, fasteners, material stock and tools.
Online ElectronicCalculators
Applets, and links to applets, for electronics calculations.
LED (Light Emitting Diode) properties, design, physics, applications.
Design Electronics
W.D. Phillips' (partial) introductory electronics course.
Lots of electronics information and links.
CapSite 2002
A serious introduction to *real* capacitors.
Fairchild literature
Fairchild Semiconductor: includes some product manuals and brochures (e.g. the Logic Selection Guide) of general interest.
Basic Electronics.COM
Internet Guide to Electronics: theory, practice, components, message board, reference, links...
Microphone FAQ
Information for microphone users, compiled by Jeff Maggard.
Tony's Website
Tutorials on the LM741 op-amp, NE555 timer, PLL's, etc.; hobbyist circuits; useful links.
Electronics Data  
Queen Mary Univ. of London
Info on typical college lab components.
Chip Directory
Chip data, pinouts, links.
ChipCenter / Questlink
"The Web's Definitive Electronics Resource."
"The online datasheet source for electronic components and semiconductors, especially for obsolete parts."
Datasheet Locator
Global Electronic Components datasheet locator; links to 750+ component manufacturers.
Semiconductor Electronics Resource Center
Links to datasheets, dealers, manufacturers.
"Search engines, electronics databases and link resources."
"The Capacitor Resource."
Free Trade Zone
Free datasheets on current parts.
Information on IC's and other semiconductors.
COMpSEEK! (Spanish)
Short description of diodes and transistors by number.
Fred's Electronics Links
Links to datasheets, manufacturers and distributors.
Chip and Semiconductor data
CEDCC Component Database Server
Penn. State Univsity's legacy guide to components and their identification, etc.
Radio component database
Component database for CB-radios and transmitter/receivers.
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Electrical & computer engineering links - Univ. of Delaware.
Component Identification Tools
Component identification, color codes, packaging, numbering conventions.
Electronics Dealers  
Pioneer Standard
Distributor links
Links to *many* electronics distributors on the web.
Electronics Mfg.  
Fujitsu - America
Hitachi - Japan
Analog, mixed-signal, RF, wireless, fiber, power, microcontroller and communication ICs.
Power transistors & diodes
Includes Motorola's former line of semiconductors.
High voltage analog & mixed-signal semiconductors.
Texas Instruments
Barnant Co. discusses rotameters and correction factors.
pH Sensor FAQ
Frequently asked questions about pH and pH sensors.
Practical thermocouple technical information from ISE Inc.: temp. ranges, color codes, glossary, etc.
Heat and temperature
Links from Temperature World on heaters, temperature sensors, controls and instrumentation.
High-Tech Hobbyist  
PIC embedded controllers: datasheets, applications, FAQ's.
Nuts & Volts Magazine
Bulletin board, resources and some on-line articles for robotics, microcontrollers, computer control, lasers.
Parallel/Game/Serial Ports
Links to information on PC and Mac ports and buses: parallel, serial , game, keyboard, PCI, ISA, GPIB, PCMCIA, etc.
Project: RS-232 to TTL Cable
Building a MAX232-based RS-232 to TTL conversion cable.
Motion Control  
Electrical Motor Control
Text and links related to motor control: AC motors, DC motors, servos, stepper motors and so on.
See the "Motion Control Buyer's Guide (TM)."
PWM Motor Control Schematics
Schematics for pulse-width modulated control of a DC motor.
Vintage Electronics  
Antique Radio Classified
For buyers and sellers of old radios and related items; incl. history, photos, archives and a huge list of links.
Transistor History
History and photo gallery of early semiconductors.
Op Amp History
"What's All This Julie Stuff, Anyhow?"
Michelle's Electronics
Heat & Temperature  
Heater technical info.
Heater info. from as PDF files: heat transfer, energy requirements, watt density selection.
Heating element tech. info.
Some practical info. and tips from National Element, Inc. regarding heating elements and alloys.
Thermal Reference Data
Watlow Electric's guides, tutorials and reference data for heater design: requirements; material properties; thermoelements.
High Voltage & Vacuum  
High voltage, lightning, radio
High Voltage Experimenter's Handbook and other materials.
Neon Engineering, Inc.
Not a fancy site, but it has some HV and other supplies that won't be at a hardware store. Check the map of other distributors.
Harbor Freight Tools
Over 7000 tool and equipment items, with some real bargains.
"The Small Tool Specialists."
BioChemLinks: Lab Safety
Biological, chemical, fire and lab safety resources.
Vermont SIRI
Safety information, links and MSDS sheets.
Internet MSDS's
Internet locations for MSDS's, plus FAQ's and other info.
Legal Issues
"Injuries in School/College Laboratories in USA."

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