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Computing & Internet

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Squeeze those hardware dollars a bit.
Operating Systems
That old machine might be perfect for running Linux.
Free and open-source application software.
Domains & Hosts
Finding an ISP or website host, or registering a domain name.
Resources for website development

The Links Follow

Sharky Extreme
PC hardware reviews.
Inkjet printers are dirt cheap, but replacement cartridges aren't. If your budget has higher priority than clean fingers, save a bundle with bulk ink & third-party cartridges. We've had only good experiences with .
Operating Systems  
Linux Online
A good first stop for information and links on Linux - a free Unix-like operating system that runs on low-end hardware not powerful enough for Microsoft bloatware.
"The Linux Portal:" many links to software, groups & resources.
Linux Documentation Project
Linux documentation, including efforts towards non-English translations.
Red Hat Linux
An easily installed and maintained commercial Linux distribution; especially popular with professionals and institutions.
Red Hat's Education Program
Software and services are provided at no cost to schools participating in Red Hat's K-12 education initiative.
Microsoft Windows Updates
Check for "critical updates" every few weeks to get the current fixes for some serious bugs and security loopholes).
A nice FTP utility for Win95/98/NT/2000 from Brandyware Software. It's free (tasteful adware) for private or commercial use, and better than most, though one or two features are a bit flakey for us. Brandyware has some other free utilities and sells the "Makaha Professional Viewer".
The de facto standard Perl library for CGI scripts.
Resources for "advanced cgi programming and server administration."
Free downloads, documentation and links to resources.
Free source code for cgi programming, chat/conferencing, database, email, graphics, HTML authoring, Internet protocols, online applications and web authoring.
A very nice, open-source, language-sensitive, Java editor for programmers, though a bit resource intensive, and window scrolling is currently a bit flakey.
A very popular and powerful open source database. It's available for free under the GNU General Public License.
O'Reilly Network
Developers' resources for web and open source development: Apache, Linux, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, XML and more.
Downloads of reviewed freeware, shareware and trialware.
Shareware, demoware, trialware, tips, and utilities (with lots of annoying ad windows).
Domains & Hosts  
Whois Search
Check registration data for a domain.
Choosing a Hosting Service?
A clear, step-by-step guide to finding a host for your website.
Dan's Domain Name Site
Dan Tobias provides lots of information, links, opinions and a few rants on domains, names, registars, and related issues.
Resources for choosing an appropriate host for your site.
Hosting Matters
Our web host, chosen after considerable research: affordable, stable and with superior support. We'd recommend them for most sites...even though no one pays us to say so.
Netcraft Uptime Survey
Plug in a domain name to get technical info about a site, e.g. the server software and uptime statistics.
The List
An ISP buyer's guide.
Viewable with Any Browser: Campaign
A campaign to make web pages more accessible through "graceful degradation," standards compliance, fast loading and intelligent organization.
"Everything you need to build great web sites" (or, at least, a tremendous number of well-organized resources.
CGI Extremes
Web tools, tips and tutorials.
Dan's Web Tips
Dan Tobias's highly readable web tutorial, covering many subtle points that are glossed over in some very thick books.
"The web developer's resource." It can probably answer your questions, plus the ones that you forgot to ask.
A lifeline for those drowning in computing nomenclature.
"The Complete Resource for All Web Builders" - almost too complete.
The CGI Resource Index: Documentation
Some good, well-organized links relating to cgi, forms, cookies, security and the like.
W3C HTML Validation Service
The World Wide Web Consortium offers free HTML and CSS validators to help ensure that your site displays correctly on all browsers; try validating that next baffling web page.
Another good source of web development information.

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